Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to have any coding experience before I apply?

You don’t need prior experience to start. devCodeCamp was designed for beginners. You might have dabbled with coding or tried to teach yourself to code. Our bootcamps start with providing everyone the necessary fundamentals and foundation to be successful. Your bootcamp is immersive and fast-paced, covering a great deal of material in a short amount of time.

Our students come from all walks of life including; college students, college grads, musicians, food service, engineers, trade workers and even a pilot. Regardless of backgrounds everyone shared the common goal of really wanting to learn coding.

Can I be younger or older and still learn and get a job?

Yes, we accept students that are 18+. What matters is your desire and persistence.

What is the admissions process?

Typically the first step in the application process is attending an informational tour. Feel free to bring along family/friends. During the information session, you’ll get to meet and hear from devCodeCamp staff, take a tour of our campus, learn about the curriculum, what to expect while in at devCodeCamp and after completing the program. This is also an opportunity for us to learn more about you.

Finally, you will need to officially Apply and meet one on one with a devCodeCamp staff member.

Yes, we accept students that are 18+. What matters is your desire and persistence.


What am I going to learn at devCodeCamp?

The Software Development Program is offered full-time during the day for 12 weeks. Are you ready to dive into our coding community? The Software Development bootcamp teaches the full stack, focusing on the C# programming language and the Microsoft .Net framework used by thousands and thousands of companies. Prior to jumping into C# and .Net, you’ll begin with learning the foundations and fundamentals of computer science.

Our bootcamp is designed to provide a solid technical foundation and most importantly a marketable set of skills that employers will hire you for. Additionally, we focus on providing you the needed soft skills necessary to join an existing team of developers at an organization, so you can fit in right away and become a productive team member.

What is the typical day like at devCodeCamp?

devCodeCamp is all about you and preparing you for a new career. You’ll receive the guidance and support needed to process through the curriculum. The day typically consists of you actually coding 70-85% of the time. The balance of the time consists of lecture and we’ll close out each day with a recap of that days progress. We make learning as entertaining and enticing as possible. After all we want you to love learning and spending time in our coding community.

Will I be building projects?

From the beginning of the program students are taught how to think like a software engineer, working on real world projects in a collaborative environment constructed to replicate a real-world software development environment. Don’t be afraid to bring your own project ideas with you to create something you are passionate about. If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry that’s what we are here to help you with.

What happens if I fall behind?

Don’t worry, we are strongly opposed to removing students if they fall behind or need extra help. Instead, our instructors are ready to provide extra help and mentoring. We understand that immersive learning consists of doing, falling down and failing and then picking ourselves back up and getting back on the horse so to speak.

What are the computer requirements for the program?

Computer Requirements:

Students are required to bring their own laptop. The laptop must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • At least 100gb of free space
  • At least a 13-inch screen
  • At least 8gb of RAM
  • 2.5 ghz quad-core processor equivalent of the 3rd generation i5 or better
  • Solid state drive is recommended for the full-time program but not necessary
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Must have at least one free USB port
  • Must have at least one HDMI port or converter. This way you can plug into an additional monitor


Do you offer help in getting hired?

We work with you in various ways. That might include helping to create your resume, organize your job search, preparing you for your job and technical interviews and providing you with constructive feedback after the interview. It’s important that you finish your entire portfolio of projects during your devCodeCamp. Your portfolio provides potential employers an opportunity to see what you are capable of building. devCodeCamp offers selected grads from time to time the opportunity to present one of your projects during a Demo Day in which you and others from your cohort present to a group of prospective hiring employers. You’re free to interview on your own should you choose. There’s no obligation to interview with devCodeCamp’s Hiring Network of employers if that’s the route you choose.

How much could I earn after graduating devCodeCamp?

We’ve gathered third party statistics from respected sources to give you an idea of income potential in this area. The median annual salary for a Junior Software Developer in Milwaukee is  approximately $60,000* and the average salary of an experienced Software Developer in Milwaukee is approximately $93,000*. devCodeCamp by law cannot guarantee a job to you. Potential earnings will vary depending upon one’s previous background, experience, where you worked, education and how you present yourself. Past devCodeCamp grads have been offered and hired at starting salaries ranging between $48,000 to $62,000. Perhaps you may want to move out of Wisconsin after devCodeCamp. if so learn more about incomes nationally and where a career in code can lead, from our friends at Cyber Coders  *Wisconsin Worknet 

Also Google the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and find computer and mathematical occupations. Once there you will see that the national average for computer programmers is approximately $84,000, for software developers applications approximately $102,000 and for software developers of systems is approximately $108,000. Please refer to the US BLS for methodology of their results.

Is devCodeCamp a viable alternative to a traditional degree?

Yes, because a four year college program may not be right for everyone. However, devCodeCamp wants to be clear that there’s value in degree programs and that boot camps and degrees offer totally different learning . What each individual needs to weigh is their own situation and goals. devCodeCamp does offer an excellent ROI for its graduates in that in terms of cost and time.Those that attend devCodeCamp have had masters, bachelors and associates degrees, some college as well as those who only hold a high school diploma or GED. Our point is it’s not just about which education credential you hold, but rather what you’re capable of learning, your motivation and persistence.


Who qualifies?

The housing at no extra cost option and preference is given to those that currently live 40 or more miles from devCodeCamp. Others more local are put on a waitlist if there’s availability. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis to accepted devCodeCamp students that have their tuition payment method secured and required down payments made for the Full-Time Bootcamp and the number of apartments available for specific cohort starting dates. Not every cohort start date has apartments available.

What are the amenities?

Each apartment comes fully furnished with twin-sized beds, typical furniture, basic cookware, internet, onsite washer/dryer. Utilities will also be covered by devCodeCamp. Your floor at the Pritzlaff also has an exercise area with equipment and a pool table.

What you should bring.

Bring your twin-sized bedding, bath towels, clothing, Tupperware, and toiletries. Once there you also supply your own food and clothes washing supplies. You can split the cost of cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. with your roommate.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes, it’s $500. Respect the space and $300 of your deposit will be returned after the camp if things are left by you in the same condition when you first arrived. $200 of the $500 is non-refundable and goes towards cleaning during and after your stay.

When is move in and move out?

You will move in the weekend before your class starts and move out the following day after your class ends; usually, move out is on Saturday.

Are there any restrictions?

No pets, no smoking, no friends and no family. You’re here to work on becoming a junior developer.


We do not allow friends, family, or spouses to stay in devCodeCamp housing. Even if it is only for a day. We can recommend hotels nearby.

Are all housing units the same?

No. Each unit varies slightly in configuration. The pictures on our website are of the “Pritzloff model” so our furnishings are different. The picture of the apartment appliances, walls, and ceilings are very representative of the apartment you’ll be staying in. All apartments are 2 bedrooms.

Will I have my own bedroom?

Each unit includes two separate bedrooms with two twin beds and one shared bath, kitchen, living room, 55 inch TV in living room, washer/dryer, appropriate furniture, and kitchen equipment.